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Can U.S.-Russia Relations Be Reset?

| Eurasia Program

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Col. Robert E. HamiltonDespite the apparent affinity that President Trump has for Russian President Putin, and Putin for Trump, the US-Russian relationship appears to be stuck in crisis mode now and for the foreseeable future. In this talk, Colonel Hamilton will examine recent patterns in Russian-American relations, the roots of the current crisis in relations, and the prospects for yet another “reset,” perhaps one that does not so quickly fall apart as previous resets have done.

A Black Sea Fellow in FPRI’s Eurasia Program, Col. Hamilton spent 30 years of his career in the US Army, primarily as a Eurasian Foreign Area Officer.  He served as a strategic war planner and country desk officer at U.S. Central Command, as the Chief of Regional Engagement for Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan, and as the Chief of the Office of Defense Cooperation at the U.S. Embassy in Georgia. 

He is author of numerous FPRI papers on the former Soviet Union and the Balkans, including August 2008 and Everything After: A Ten-Year Retrospective on the Russia-Georgia War, NATO in the Baltics: Deterring Phantom Threats?, and Russian and American De-Confliction Efforts in Syria. He received his PhD from the University of Virginia.


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Robert E. Hamilton

Robert E. Hamilton - Colonel (Retired) Robert E. Hamilton, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Eurasian Studies at the U.S. Army War College and a Black Sea Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.