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Since the June 2016 vote in favor of Britain’s exiting the EU, the British have been considering ways to accomplish this but have never been able to settle on an agreed upon plan.  Now there is even talk of starting all over with a second referendum that could potentially undo the first.  In the meantime, Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposals have been defeated in Parliament, and Parliament is set to take over the process.  What is the significance of Brexit?  What are the likely scenarios going forward?  What do they mean for the future of Britain and the EU? And what are the implications for the United States?

To consider these questions, Geopolitics with Granieri is pleased to feature a conversation with FPRI’s Templeton Fellow Dominic Tierney, a native of Great Britain and an unconventional thinker of the highest rank.  He received his PhD in international politics from Oxford University and has held fellowships at the Olin Institute at Harvard and the JFK School of Government, also at Harvard.  His latest books are The Right Way to Lose a War: America in the Age of Unwinnable Conflicts (Little, Brown, 2015) and How We Fight: Crusades, Quagmires, and the American Way of War (Little Brown, 2010).   He blogs regularly for The Atlantic.  


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Dominic Tierney

Dominic Tierney - Dominic Tierney is a Senior Fellow with FPRI’s Program on National Security and associate professor of political science at Swarthmore College.