Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts Dueling Visions: America’s Role in the World After the 2020 Election

Dueling Visions: America’s Role in the World After the 2020 Election

About the Event

FPRI is pleased to offer this unique and timely discussion on the future of American Foreign Policy. FPRI’s Carol Rollie Flynn and John Nagl will lead a conversation on the competing visions to strengthen America’s standing around the world, the history of our various foreign policy ideologies, and the importance of veterans to the national interest. Joining Flynn and Nagl for this discussion will be two former national security officials John Hillen (George W. Bush) and John Gans (Barack Obama). This event will draw upon Hillen's recent essay of the same name and Gans' recent book White House Warriors: How the National Security Council Transformed the American Way of War.


John Hillen

John Hillen - The Honorable John Hillen, DPhil, is the James C. Wheat Professor in Leadership at Hampden-Sydney College’s Wilson Center for Leadership in The Public Interest. He is the CEO of EverWatch Corporation, a mid-sized defense and intelligence company. A Trustee of of the Foreign Policy Research Institute since 2008 and a former director of its National Security Program, he served as Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs in the second half of the George W. Bush Administration. He is a decorated combat veteran and the author of several books and numerous articles on foreign affairs and international security.

John Gans

John Gans - Former Chief Speechwriter to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter

John A. Nagl

John A. Nagl - Dr. John Nagl, a member of FPRI’s Board of Advisors and is also a Senior Fellow in the Program on National Security, and a Visiting Professor of National Security Studies at the U.S. Army War College

Carol Rollie Flynn

Carol Rollie Flynn - Carol Rollie Flynn is the President of the Foreign Policy Research Institute.