The Ecological Value of America’s Soft Power

About the Event

A Conversation with Robert D. Kaplan, FPRI’s Robert Strausz-Hupé Chair in Geopolitics, about his new book "The Good American" which tells the story of an American development professional who served his country, but also his planet admirably. His decades of project work worldwide clearly served the cause of both human security and environmental security, while showcasing the best of Americas' contributions to world order. In this event, Mr. Kaplan's earlier work on environmental security will inform the conversation with Saleem Ali, a distinguished professor of energy and the environment at the University of Delaware. This event is co-sponsored by FPRI and the University of Delaware's Minerals, Materials and Society Program.


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Robert D. Kaplan

Robert D. Kaplan - Robert D. Kaplan is the Robert Strausz-Hupé Chair in Geopolitics at the Foreign Policy Research Institute

Saleem H. Ali

Saleem H. Ali - Dr. Saleem H. Ali is an environmental security scholar whose research and practice focuses on ways of resolving ecological conflicts through technical and social mechanisms, as well as exploring novel ways of peace-building between corporations, governments and communities. ; Senior Fellow, National Security Program