Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts Turkish Politics: The Legacy of a Failed Coup

Turkish Politics: The Legacy of a Failed Coup

| Eurasia Program

About the Event

In the years after the failed coup d’état attempt in Turkey, the ruling Justice and Development Party has overseen considerable changes to Turkish domestic and foreign policy. Domestically, these changes centered around with the move to a presidential system. That move was coupled with an announcement of a new foreign policy predicated on intervention in its near abroad. To discuss these events, FPRI has convened a panel discussion of experts with Selim Koru and Dr. Lisel Hintz, moderated by Dr. Aaron Stein.


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Lisel Hintz

Lisel Hintz - Dr. Lisel Hintz is Assistant Professor of International Relations at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. After receiving her Ph.D. in Political Science from George Washington University she was a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University and taught at Barnard College, Columbia University. Her first book (Oxford University Press, 2018) investigates how contestation over various forms of identity (e.g. ethnic, religious, regional) spills over from domestic politics to shape, and be shaped by, foreign policy. Her current book project examines state-society struggles over identity in Turkey through the lens of pop culture. In addition to her academic publications, Dr. Hintz contributes to Foreign Policy, War on the Rocks, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and BBC World Service, as well as to policy discussions on Turkey’s increasing authoritarianism, opposition dynamics, foreign policy shifts, and Kurdish issues.

Selim Koru

Selim Koru - Selim Koru is a 2024 Templeton Fellow and a Fellow in the Eurasia Program at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. He is also an analyst at the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV).

Aaron Stein

Aaron Stein - Aaron Stein is the President of the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI).