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VIRTUAL Spotlight Seminar: Mobile Missile Vulnerability

About the Event

Mobile Missile Vulnerability: Nuclear Weapons, AI, and the New Arms Race

The hunt for mobile missiles is becoming faster, cheaper, and better. Please join us for a very special VIRTUAL Spotlight Seminar with Paul Bracken who will analyze the increasing ability of major powers to destroy moving targets. Advanced technology like AI, cyber, drones, cloud computing, data analytics, and hypersonic missiles are foundational for this mission. The hunt for mobile missiles is spilling over into the nuclear arena, with huge politico-military consequences.

Paul Bracken will describe his methodology for analyzing complex technology packages. These frameworks – value chains, touchpoints, information chains, dominant designs -- are widely used by leading technology companies, and are taught in business schools, but are virtually unknown in academic strategic studies or in professional military education. The experience of using these methods for teaching technology leadership for national security is described.

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For this event, FPRI is partnering with the Center for the Study of WMD. 


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Paul Bracken

Paul Bracken - Paul Bracken is an FPRI Senior Fellow and a member of its Board of Advisors as well a Professor of Management and Political Science at Yale University.