The Future of U.S.-China Proxy War

July 06, 2021 | 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm | National Security Program

About the Event

How will great power military competition between the U.S. and China evolve in the coming years? FPRI’s Aaron Stein and Dominic Tierney will address the possibility of Washington and Beijing aiding rival actors in an intrastate conflict and the future of Sino-U.S. competition.

To read Dominic Tierney’s article on the Future of Sino-U.S. Proxy War, click here.


Dominic Tierney

Dominic Tierney - Dominic Tierney is a Senior Fellow with FPRI’s Program on National Security and associate professor of political science at Swarthmore College.

Aaron Stein

Aaron Stein - Aaron Stein is the Director of Research at the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI). He is also the Director of the Middle East Program and Acting Director of the National Security Program at FPRI.

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