Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts U.S.-China Security Relations: Assessing China and Responding to Risk

U.S.-China Security Relations: Assessing China and Responding to Risk

| Asia Program

About the Event

U.S.-China relations are now routinely described as rivalrous. China’s capabilities—from conventional military power to cyber operations—have grown as the U.S. and others grow more concerned about China’s aims.  How does China assess the threats and opportunities it faces amid possibly escalating conflict with the U.S. across conventional, nuclear, and less traditional domains? How can and should the U.S. respond and manage the risks? In a period of mounting distrust and limited access, can each side avoid dangerously misunderstanding the other?  Join us as George Washington University’s Fiona Cunningham discusses these issues with FPRI’s Jacques deLisle.

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Fiona Cunningham

Fiona Cunningham - Fiona Cunningham is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at the George Washington University.

Jacques deLisle

Jacques deLisle - Jacques deLisle is the Chair of the Asia Program at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. He is also the Stephen A. Cozen Professor of Law, Professor of Political Science, and Director of the Center for the Study of Contemporary China at the University of Pennsylvania.