FPRI Radio

Disputes in the South China Sea

Jacques deLisle

Director - Asia Program

Felix K. Chang

Senior Fellow - Asia Program

Michael P. Noonan

Director - Program on National Security

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Disputes in the South China Sea (Audio)

Michael Noonan, the director of FPRI’s program on national security, interviews the director of FPRI’s Asia Program Jacques deLisle and FPRI Senior Fellow Felix Chang about recent developments and tensions in the South China Sea between China, the Philippines, Vietnam, and other nations in the region. deLisle and Chang discuss the economic, legal, diplomatic, and military implications of these tensions and touch briefly upon the possibility of miscalculation amongst the various actors. They also spend a few moments discussing the potential linkages between tensions in the South China Sea and the recent events unfolding with Japan and the Senkaku Islands. Finally, they discuss speculations about the recent absences of the PRC’s president designate, Xi Jinping, from public and diplomatic appearances.

Program length: 33 minutes