Goodbye to Europe?

  • April 14, 2013
Jeremy Black

Senior Fellow, FPRI

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The financial crisis stalking Europe, the plethora of secession issues that bedevil the continent (Will Scotland remain part of Britain, or Catalonia part of Spain?  Will Belgium break in two?), the revelation of critical British and French military shortages during the intervention in Libya – all have enormous implications for the future of Europe and US-European relations.  What to make of these economic, military and political crisies?  To help wrap our heads around these issues, FPRI is pleased to bring back one of our most popular lecturers and astute thinkers, Jeremy Black.

A renowned world historian, Black is the author of over 100 books.  He was the recipient in 2008 of the Society of Military History’s Samuel Eliot Morison Prize for lifetime achievement.  His recent books include: Slavery: A New Global History (2012), A History of Diplomacy (2010, Great Military Leaders and their Campaigns (2008), and Rethinking Military History (2004).

Black is a professor of history at the University of Exeter (UK) and a Senior Fellow of FPRI.

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