The Great Captains in American History – Scott

Walter A. McDougall

Co-Chair, FPRI Butcher History Institute -
Alloy-Ansin Professor of International Relations, University of Pennsylvania -

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Building on our successful history weekend in 2012 on “Great Battles in American History,” this program will cover those American military leaders who made great marks on U.S. history through their generalship.  The distinguished scholars David Eisenhower, Jim Lacey, Edward G. Lengel, Peter Mansoor, Jean Edward Smith, Lewis Sorley, and Samuel Watson will cover great military leaders from General George Washington to General David Petraeus.  This program is sponsored by the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Madeleine and W. W. Keen Butcher History Institute in cooperation with the First Division Museum at Cantigny, a division of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation.  This is the eighth in a series of weekends devoted to Teaching Military History.

Allan Peskin was originally scheduled to give this talk but was unable to do so.

Walter A. McDougall on General Winfield Scott

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