Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts Jewish-Muslim Relations in the Middle Ages and What They Mean For Today

Jewish-Muslim Relations in the Middle Ages and What They Mean For Today

  • January 7, 2014
Ronald J. Granieri


Executive Director - Center for the Study of America and the West

Mark R. Cohen

Khedouri A. Zilkha Professor of Jewish Civilization, Princeton University

A History of Jewish-Muslim Relations from the Origins to the Present Day, published in November 2013 in both English and French, is the first encyclopedic guide to the history of relations between Jews and Muslims around the world from the birth of Islam to today. The book features more than 150 articles by an international team of leading experts in history, politics, literature, anthropology, and philosophy and provides critical facts and context for greater historical understanding and a more informed dialogue between Jews and Muslims.

Mark CohenSpeaking about the book and the chapters he contributed to is Mark R. Cohen, the Khedouri A. Zilkha Professor of Jewish Civilization in the Near East at Princeton University. Professor Cohen, a well-known historian whose academic study focuses on the relationship between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the Middle Ages, is the author of over 100 articles and reviews and several books, including Jewish Self-Government in Medieval Egypt (the 1981 National Jewish Book Award winner for Jewish history) and Under Crescent and Cross: The Jews in the Middle Ages, which has been translated into Hebrew, Turkish, German, Arabic, French, and Romanian. He has received numerous academic fellowships, lectured widely in the U.S., Europe, Russia, Japan, Qatar, Egypt and Israel, and in 2010 became the first winner of the Goldziher Prize for scholarship promoting better understanding between Jews and Muslims, awarded by Merrimack College’s Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations.

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