Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts The Gulf States and the Contest for the Middle East

The Gulf States and the Contest for the Middle East

  • February 19, 2014
Michael P. Noonan


Director - National Security Program

Brandon Friedman

Research Fellow, Moshe Dayan center for Middle Eastern and African studies

Jakub Grygiel

Senior Fellow - National Security Program

George H.W. Bush Senior Associate Professor of International Relations, Johns Hopkins University

Amin Tarzi

Senior Fellow - Middle East Program

The proxy war in Syria between Iran and the Gulf States (and others) is but the latest chapter in a festering geopolitical competition over dominance of the Persian/Arabian Gulf and beyond. Increased armed sales, the specter of nuclear acquisitions by various actors, and the support and funding (either through state or sub-state means) of armed actors ranging from al-Qaeda to Houthi separatists illustrate how the regional balance of power remains contested and dangerous. And for all of the talk of a pivot to Asia, the United States will need to be engaged in the Middle East. FPRI will tackle these issues in a panel discussion that will comprise both regional experts and international relations scholars to understand these complex dynamics and examine courses of action that the United States might take in order to best navigate myriad interests and achieve its own.

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