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Thinking Out Loud About the Iran Nuclear Deal

  • June 30, 2015

Senior Fellow, FPRI

In a ground-breaking article published in May, FPRI Senior Fellow John Haines argued, paradoxically, that Iran has had a nuclear weapons program for decades — and, at the same time, that it has not. What is the meaning of this paradox? How does it help to explain the complexities of the negotiations now underway and scheduled to conclude on June 30.  And how do we evaluate any prospective deal?

John R. HainesTo answer these questions, we are pleased to feature John Haines in the latest edition of Geopolitics with Granieri. John R. Haines is a Senior Fellow of the Foreign Policy Research Institute and directs the Princeton Committee of FPRI. As a private investor and entrepreneur, he is currently focused on the question of nuclear smuggling and terrorism, and the development of technologies to discover, detect, and characterize concealed fissile material. He is the author of  the FPRI E-Book A Perfect Storm Ahead?  An Exploration of the Risk of Nuclear Terrorism (FPRI, 2014) and of numerous essays including “The Case of Poland’s Stolen Radiological Material” and “Dirty Bombs:” Reason to Worry?

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Thinking Out Loud About the Iran Nuclear Deal