Intern Corner

Summer Sessions: A Podcast on the Thoughts and Experiences of FPRI’s 2015 Summer Interns

Sam Koffman

Research Intern - Center for the Study of America and the West

“Summer Sessions” is a podcast designed to capture the experience of interning at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. Summer 2015 interns discuss their current projects, the value of FPRI and its research, and how they plan on using their experiences in their future careers. From foreign policy challenges and declining US hegemony to dinner with dictators and the key to transitioning democracies, FPRI interns offer their unique perspectives on FPRI’s geopolitical approach in an ever-complicated world.

2015 FPRI Summer Intern Group

“Back row, from left; Samuel Byers ’17, Brandon Whitehill ’18, Sam Koffman ’18, Otto Kienitz ’16, Griffin Daly ’16 (HS), Ryan Conway ’16 (HS), Michael Johns ’16 (HS), Joe Millman ’17; front row, from left; Alison Borowsky ’17, Edyt Dickstein ’17, Isabel Knight ’16, Alexis Alavi ’17, Junyi (Tracy) Cui ’17”

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