Giving Them the World: Creating Globally-Minded Citizens, One Philadelphian at a Time

Michael Horowitz

Senior Fellow, FPRI -

Kristin Hutchinson

Director of International Programs, World Affairs Council of Philadelphia -

Zabeth Teelucksingh

Executive Director, Global Philadelphia Association -

For Philadelphia to thrive on an international level, citizens of all ages need to better understand the world around them and the interconnectedness of their places within it. Currently, many organizations are leading the effort to create such globally-minded citizens through international affairs education at primary and secondary schools, and through public dialogue about matters of national and international significance. Hosted by FPRI’s Ron Granieri, this interactive “town hall” will explore the work being done now – and that which must be done – to ensure that Philadelphia takes its rightful place on the world stage. To address these issues, we are proud to feature representatives of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, and the Global Philadelphia Association.