Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts Understanding the Modern Middle East: History, Identity, and Politics – Video Playlist

Understanding the Modern Middle East: History, Identity, and Politics – Video Playlist

  • October 18, 2015
Alan Luxenberg

President, FPRI

Walter A. McDougall

Co-Chair of FPRI's Madeleine and W.W. Keen Butcher History Institute

Alloy-Ansin Professor of International Relations and Professor of History,University of Pennsylvania

Jonathan P. Berkey

James B. Duke Professor of International Studies, Davidson College

Adam Garfinkle

Fox Fellow, FPRI

Editor, The American Interest

Michael A. Reynolds

Senior Fellow, FPRI

Associate Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University

Aaron Rock-Singer

PhD Candidate, Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University

Lev Weitz

Assistant Professor, Catholic University of America

Sarah Bush

Senior Fellow, FPRI

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Temple University

Samuel Helfont

Fox Fellow, FPRI

Post-doctoral Lecturer, International Relations Program, University of Pennsylvania

Joseph Braude

Senior Fellow, FPRI


Sat., October 17, 2015 to Sun., October 18, 2015
Sponsored by Madeleine and W.W. Keen Butcher History Institute & Carthage College

A casual glance at the newspaper headlines related to the Middle East reveals a litany of religious, ethnic, and political actors – each with their own histories, conflicts, and dynamics that are little known or understood. In this intensive weekend-long conference for high school teachers, we will explore the nexus of identity and politics from the pre-modern period to the current day and beyond – with lectures by some of the best scholars in the country. Teachers will return to their classrooms with a much deeper appreciation of the Middle East and its inhabitants, and for the historical and cultural underpinnings of contemporary developments in the region. 

The weekend, which included 42 teachers from 20 different states, was a great success by all accounts. Those who attended responded enthusiastically, saying for example: “I always feel like I’ve had a semester of college in a day and a half. Always feel enlightened” and “Absolutely fantastic! Personally and professionally affirming.” A videos playlist of all the presentations is available on FPRI’s YouTube Channel, as well as below. Enjoy!


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Understanding the Modern Middle East: History, Identity, and Politics

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