FPRI Double Shot

FPRI Double Shot

The FPRI Double Shot is a weekly podcast hosted by Ron Granieri, Executive Director of FPRI’s Center for the Study of America and the West and host of the ever-popular series, Geopolitics with Granieri. Each week, Granieri promises to deliver the news of international affairs in two minutes or less.

Ep. 15 News from the Magic Mountain

Ep. 14 – Welcome to the Hotel Geopolitics

Ep. 13 – Ch-Ch-Changes

Ep. 12 – New Year, Old Problems

Ep. 11 – Holiday Gatherings

Ep. 10 – Hard Questions, Bad Answers

Ep. 9 – Climate Changes

Ep. 8 – The Complexity of Hope

Ep. 7 – Paris, Mon Amour Blessé

Ep. 6 – Who, the People?