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FPRI V-Notes

FPRI V-Notes LogoIn 2015, FPRI launched yet another new platform to disseminate its research called FPRI V-Notes. V-Notes are video essays fusing scholarly rigor, rare footage, and innovative analysis to kick-start new conversations about American foreign policy toward the Arab world and beyond. They aim to bridge the gap in Washington between policymaking and the distant societies it affects, with an emotional quality stressing the human dimension of geopolitics.Take a look!

FPRI V-Notes (Ep. 2 – Korean Arabia)

December 7, 2015 · Joseph Braude

South Korea’s star is rising in the Arab world, but its challenge to support reform in the region has only just begun.            . . ...

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FPRI V-Notes (Ep. 1 – The Identity Machine)

October 26, 2015 · Joseph Braude

 How do an Iraqi comic, an Algerian military recruitment video, and a musical sketch from the American TV show “Schoolhouse Rock” illuminate the defining challenge of Arab politics for ...

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