FPRI Insights Issue 2

  • September 6, 2014

FPRI Insights Issue 2

  • September 6, 2014

FPRI Insights

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Clint WattsOver the past two weeks, FPRI’s Clint Watts has been interviewed, cited, or quoted on the conflict with ISIS and al Shabaab in Vox.com, The Huffington Post, The Hill, The Global Post, NPR, and The Daily Beast. He also writes regularly over at Geopoliticus: The FPRI Blog. On September 16, he will address our Ginsburg Lecture Series in Philadelphia on ISIS on the March?


September 6, 2014
War on the RocksFPRI’s Michael Noonan Writes for War on the Rocks Refelcting on the President’s Speech in Estonia

“It is all good and fine for countries in the region to develop cartoons and other things to counter the messages of ISIL’s extremism, but at the end of the day it becomes a contest of legitimacy between the governments in the region (who want to remain in power) and the appeal of ISIL.”


September 6, 2014
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
FPRI’s Barak Mendelsohn Quoted in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on ISIS

“Al-Qaida has similar ambitions, but compared with ISIS, it has tried to pull a broader group of Muslims under its umbrella through persuasion rather than through immediate, violent coercion…They all of course have the same goal of eventually establishing the caliphate…The argument with ISIS is that they didn’t consult with anybody but chose just to crown themselves.”


September 6, 2014
South China Morning PostFPRI’s Jacques deLisle Quoted in South China Morning Post on Xi Jinping’s Lack of Political Reforms

“The picture that has emerged in Xi’s first two years in power is that either he does not have a political reform agenda with liberal or democratic elements, or that it is not his priority. It ranks below economic reform, anti-corruption, and other issues related to the legitimacy of the party.”


September 4, 2014
NY Daily NewsFPRI’s Barak Mendelsohn Quoted on the Role of China and Russia in Combating ISIS


“They’re probably glad to see that nobody thinks that they have a responsibility to share the burden…They, too, have an interest in seeing ISIS defeated but they prefer a free ride and are probably happy to see the U.S. seeming all confused. I don’t think they will be against international action in Iraq. Syria may be a different story.”


September 4, 2014
BBC Echo ChambersFPRI’s Michael Noonan Quoted on Confronting the “Football Industrial Complex”

“Quick, violent action. Fighting similarly organised foes. Defined end-states with a clear victor. This is how most military professionals would also prefer war.”


September 2, 2014
Philadelphia InquirerFPRI’s Abdallah Schleifer on the Battle for the Soul of the Muslim World


“As an American Muslim and as a journalist, I am more than appalled by the murder of James Foley and the murder video. If I were king of whatever/wherever, I would go to war to wipe out these Islamic State perverts – perverters not just of Islam, but of all the decencies known to all men and women of all the traditional faiths and to all men and women of just simple decent feelings.”



September 2, 2014
National Review OnlineFPRI Trustee John Lehman Writes on American Seapower for the 21st Century

“With 90 percent of global trade carried by sea, and the vast majority of international financial transactions conducted via undersea cables, the U.S. Navy is the backstop for securing a stable global financial system for the U.S. economy to operate in. In addition, the Navy is a highly versatile force that can generate sovereign, forward-deployed military power to do anything from strategic nuclear deterrence to humanitarian assistance. Whether it is launching air strikes against Islamist militants in Iraq or evacuating civilians from conflict zones, this flexibility makes naval power uniquely suited to an international security environment that requires scalpels in some instances and axes in others.”


September 1, 2014
ISN Zurich
FPRI’s David Danelo on ISIS and the Fate of a Free Middle East

“The nature of the threat that IS poses means that the security of the West depends on two things: the destruction of IS and the preservation of a stable Kurdish region.”




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FPRI Scholars in the News

August 11, 2014
Dom TierneyMSNBC’s Morning Joe — Concern Maliki Could Cause Political Violence

FPRI’s Dominic Tierney comments on Iraqi PM Nouri Al-Maliki’ new speech in which he resists calls for him to step down over his handling of the country’s current crisis, and criticizes Iraq’s current president.


August 6, 2014
Michael Noonan 6ABC6ABC — US Launches First Airstrikes in Iraq

FPRI’s Mike Noonan appeared on ABC TV Philadelphia to discuss the latest developments, warning of the prospect of a real genocide — there being only some 200,000 to 500,000 Yazidis in the world and all are targeted by the Islamic State.


July 28, 2014
David Satter American InterestThe American Interest — Russia Needs to Learn the Value of Human Life

FPRI’s David Satter on the defining trait of the Putin regime.



June 16, 2014
Barak Mendelsohn BBC World ServiceBBC World Service — ISIS Delivers What al Qaeda Promises

FPRI’s Barak Mendelsohn commenting on the flow of ISIS fighters into Iraq.