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FPRI Surpasses Brookings — On Facebook

  • September 21, 2014

FPRI Surpasses Brookings — On Facebook

  • September 21, 2014

PHILADELPHIA–Earlier today, FPRI (budget of $1.7 Million) surpassed the Brookings Institution (budget of $93 Million) in terms of numbers of Fans on Facebook:

Brookings: 115,502
FPRI: 115,560 

Another meaningful indicator measures level of engagement (Facebook calls it “people talking about this”): the number of people liking, sharing, or commenting on the institution’s page in the past week:

Brookings: 2,860
FPRI: 6,252

A third useful measure has to do with rate of growth: the number of new fans  in the past week (and these numbers seem to be relatively stable week to week):

Brookings: 986
FPRI: 3,415

Incidentally, FPRI surpassed AEI (budget of $36 Million) last month, which today has 106,777 fans.

As reported in the past, FPRI’s Facebook reach is global: India has more FPRI fans than any other country in the world.  The US is second, with Pakistan running close behind. New Delhi has more than any other city in the world; Cairo is second.

FPRI’s largest age demographic is: 18-24, comprising 42 percent of our fans, while people under 35 comprise 74 percent of FPRI fans.

Now we need to get to work on our website’s Alexa ranking and on our twitter following!