Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts A Note from Alan Luxenberg, President, FPRI

A Note from Alan Luxenberg, President, FPRI

A Note from Alan Luxenberg, President, FPRI

“If you’re not busy being born, then you’re busy dying.” — Bob Dylan

Dear Friends,

As suggested by the epigraph from Bob Dylan, we need constantly and forever to re-examine ourselves, reinvigorate ourselves, and even re-invent ourselves in order to survive and thrive.  This is what we have set out to do at FPRI by –   

  • Expanding our public programming to five venues – Philadelphia, the Main Line, Princeton, Manhattan, and Washington, DC;
  • Developing new formats, such as the monthly Geopolitics with Granieri, where the amiable but versatile Ron Granieri combines the best of William Buckley and Phil Donahue in an engaging  interview with distinguished guests;
  • Refreshing the intellectual core of FPRI through recruiting many young, up-and-coming scholars to join the FPRI team of some 100 scholars;
  • Initiating a series of upgrades to our website to facilitate navigation in a content-heavy site and to increase the site’s functionality for cellphone applications;
  • Raising the visibility of FPRI’s research programs locally, nationally, and internationally through new media (i.e., blogs, podcasts, and social media);
  • Completing our 50th history weekend for high school teachers, a program that has drawn over 1,000 faculty from more than 700 schools in 46 states since its inception in 1996. (“The best professional development experience of my career” is how many teachers describe the program.)

At the same time that we are busy re-inventing FPRI, we have rededicated ourselves to the mission and methods that Robert Strausz-Hupé embedded in FPRI when he founded it in 1955 — to bring the fruits of scholarship to bear on the foreign policy challenges facing the United States by exploring contemporary international issues through the lens of history, geography, and culture.

With the world in such turmoil, that mission and those methods have never been more needed than they are today.

As we prepare to celebrate FPRI’s 60th anniversary in 2015,
we hope you will make a special end-of-year contribution.

Your support makes a difference to us, and helps us make a difference for the world.  You can support us online right here.

With best wishes for the holiday season,

Alan H. Luxenberg
President, FPRI

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