Introducing the American Review of Books, Blogs, and Bull: An E-Publication of FPRI’s Center for the Study of America and the West

Philadelphia, PA – The Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) has been proud to sponsor a wide range of publications over the years, including not only our flagship quarterly journal, Orbis, but also a wide array of books and E-Books, ongoing electronic series such as our E-Notes, and the regular updates of our blog, Geopoliticus.

Today, as FPRI celebrates its 60th anniversary, we are introducing a new publication to our growing library.

The American Review of Books, Blogs, and Bull is a monthly electronic journal that will further extend FPRI’s intellectual horizons by providing a forum for reviews and essays related to politics, culture, and international relations in a format offering articles of a variety of lengths and depths.

Updated monthly with essays by authors drawn from the FPRI community, the Review will encourage our scholars to discuss the world from new perspectives, offering readers insights on important current publications, and engaging in intellectual debates that extend beyond the immediate concerns of the day.

The Review will publish reviews of new books (fiction and nonfiction), articles, and films, and engage with the intellectual trends expressed on influential blogs. It will also present discussions of classic works, written by authors who can highlight their enduring significance and relate them to contemporary concerns.

The inspiration for this new project springs from the founding spirit of FPRI and the Center on America and the West. Our concept of Geopolitics, inherited from our founder, Robert Strausz-Hupé, approaches international politics through the lens of history, culture, and geography. By offering a forum for lively cultural debate and discussion, The American Review offers a new approach to the oldest mission of our organization.

We will not be afraid to offer opinions, or even to disagree among ourselves. Our goal is not just to keep FPRI members/readers up to date on the world of today, but also to stimulate creative approaches to thinking about the world of tomorrow.

We invite affiliated scholars and friends of FPRI to contact us with proposals for articles and reviews, and encourage you to watch this space for future updates. It’s exciting to launch a new venture; we hope you will join us.

Ronald J. Granieri
Editor, The American Review
[email protected]