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FPRI Robert A. Fox Fellow Clint Watts Interviewed on CSPAN

Watts was interviewed to discuss Russia’s role in what is known as “fake news.”

“They were trying to promote Russian backed positions and also trying to target certain audiences in different countries in different countries. You have seen it in Western Europe, Brexit would be a big example in Europe, and also in the U.S., can they actually locate an audience in the U.S. and influence them towards their position. They do that in a variety of different ways. One is just very overt propaganda that they push to enforce their positions. But the other is countering. So, “we want to counter U.S. positions” and ultimately weaken democracy. Not necessarily about one issue, per say, or another. They will go on all fronts that erodes trust in U.S. government. Institutions or public figures? They will focus on any of those issues. Wherever they find success, they will try to breed more success.”

Watch the full interview here.