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FPRI Robert A. Fox Fellow Clint Watts Interviewed by WHYY’s Radio Times

Watts was interviewed to discuss Russia’s role in the U.S. election.

“On Friday, a secret CIA report was leaked suggesting that Russia worked deliberately to influence the Presidential election in favor of Donald Trump. If true, the allegations call into question the ability of elections to fend off foreign intervention.  Donald Trump has dismissed the claims, furthering his tendency to mistrust American intelligence organizations.  Some lawmakers have called for an investigation into how the Russians were able to meddle in the election.  Today on the show, we’ll get the latest on the intelligence community’s findings on Russian intervention and what American politicians are doing about it when we speak with KAROUN DEMIRJIAN, who covers defense and foreign policy for The Washington Post. We’ll then speak with former CIA officer and national security expert GLENN CARLE to get his perspective on the CIA’s assessment.  Lastly, we’ll get some insight into Russia and cyber-espionage from CLINT WATTS of the Foreign Policy Research Institute.”

List to the complete interview here.