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Clint Watts cited in Washington Post

Washington Post 

“….The extent of Trump’s political and legal jeopardy slowly comes into focus with new, daily discoveries. Clint Watts, a former FBI special agent (who has testified on Russian meddling) and now a fellow with the Foreign Policy Research Institute, tells me, “Trump’s claims to have nothing to do with Russia are clearly false with revelations Cohen emailed the Kremlin directly to gain support for a Trump Tower Moscow. Trump’s laudatory comments of Putin came at times when Trump’s companies also sought Kremlin-assisted business help.” He continues, “Some will interpret Felix Sater’s comments as over-the-top salesmanship leading to no direct connections with the Kremlin. But why would Sater believe he would get ‘Putin on this program’ and that the Kremlin could get Trump elected?” Unless Sater chooses to take the Fifth Amendment, we won’t have to guess; Mueller’s team will no doubt question him and include the findings in his final report….” 

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