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Senior Fellow Michael A. Reynolds Interviewed by Ahval News on Turkey-US Dispute over Manbij

Ahval News

On the question of Manbij, Reynolds stated that American officials appear to be much more aggressive against the Turkish position, rather than accommodating Turkish concerns.

This is precisely the message generals gave on Wednesday, said Reynolds: “dont you dare strike us.”

“This is extraordinarily dangerous and volatile situation” that shows “both American and Turkish sides are escalating in both rhetoric and military deployments,” said the professor.

According to Reynolds, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster may take a message to Ankara to intimidate Ankara with regards to Manbij.

Reynolds said he hoped to see a message of a far more cooperative nature. However, he says he does not see evidence of either side pursuing a strategy to grapple these important issues at the moment. 

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