The Russia Political Economy Project


Are U.S. sanctions on Russia working? Does Russia use its energy resources as a tool to coerce European countries? Will Russia’s economic stagnation affect the country’s presidential election scheduled for March 2018?

Any assessment of Russian foreign policy and the Kremlin’s relations with the United States depends on a clear-eyed understanding of Russian political economy. FPRI’s Eurasia Program features credible, expert analysis on key themes in Russian political economy.

The Russia Political Economy Project will publish papers and host events in Washington, New York, and other cities on the subject. The Project also includes the FPRI Bear Market Brief, which provides a daily round-up of the major news items related to Russian politics and economics.

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Future Russia Political Economy Project papers will cover the following topics:

  • Russia’s Debate about Economic Growth: Kudrin vs Titov
        By: Yuval Weber, Kennan Institute
  • Social Spending and Putin’s Popularity
        By: Sarah Sokhey, University of Colorado
  • The Political Economy of Corruption in Russia
        By: Noah Buckley, NYU-Abu Dhabi
  • Russia’s Defense Industry under Sanctions
        By: Edward Fishman and Chris Miller
  • Russian Economic Influence in Central Asia
        By: Nargis Kassenova, KIMEP
  • The Eurasian Union and Russia’s Foreign Economic Policies
        By: Rilka Dragneva-Lewers, Unversity of Birmingham