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All in for Viktor Orban

The American Interest

Asubstantial, well-researched report is being issued today by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee minority staff titled “Putin’s asymmetric assault on democracy in Russia & Europe: implications for US national security.” Among its numerous findings, it states that, in contrast to most European governments, the Hungarian government led by prime minister Viktor Orbán “has taken no discernable steps to stop or even discourage Russian malign influence, and appears to applaud the anti-EU, anti-U.S., and anti-migrant Russian propaganda because it aligns with the themes that Orbán promotes.” Orbán is described as “the most supportive leader of Vladimir Putin, his style of leadership, and his worldview” of any government leader in the EU or NATO. The report further notes that “Russian government propaganda finds fertile ground . . . [as] content by Sputnik and RT is widely referenced by pro-government news sources in Hungary,” citing specifically Magyar Idok (The Hungarian Times), Magyar Hirlap (Hungarian Gazette) and the website that speaks for the government party, Fidesz.

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