Beatrice Matiri-Maisori

Beatrice Matiri-Maisori is a holder of PhD in International Business from the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing (China), MBA (University of Nairobi), and Bachelor of Commerce (Kenyatta University – Kenya).

She brings forth more than 20 years of experience in international business and trade, entrepreneurship and sustainability, market-entry, business development, and global value chains across the Asia Pacific,  Europe, Africa, and Middle East regions.

She is a practicing business executive and entrepreneurship coach, a Markets Entry and International Business Development Consultant, and an accomplished professor of Entrepreneurship and  International Business

Beatrice’s research interests are in Chinese Foreign Direct Investments in Africa, International Business strategy, growing Global Value Chains, Entrepreneurship, and building Sustainability.

She has special interests in Mobile Tech, Renewable Energy, Health and pharmaceutical, Water and Sanitation Packaging, Blue Economy, Leather, and Business Tourism industries