Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts The American Military and operations since Vietnam— 1975 to 2015

The American Military and operations since Vietnam— 1975 to 2015

Big idea or essential question: As the war in Southeast Asia ended, what challenged faced the American military, both planned and unplanned from 1975 to 2015?

Lesson objective: Students will be able to explain an increased awareness of changes to the military from internal forces within the US and its goals for the military and from outside events that shaped the need for response, adaptation of goals and attaining them as well as working for and with our allies while identifying new threats and enemies.

Formative assessment: Using a variety of resources, both print and non-print in nature, students will work in small groups to make blogs to show the timeline of these events and changes to the American military from the 1975 to the present in 2015.

A. Instructional materials and resources:
1. FPRI website
2. Glog sample-
3. Textbooks used in class
4. Websites for military and history links

B. Technology integration
Students will work together to build and develop a blog and blog on this topic using in school and out of school materials and resources

C. Cross- curricular connections
The possibility of linking this to the Arts, Language Arts and other social studies courses such as Human Geography, US and World History, Political Science and more is considered.

D. Management considerations to consider include….
Access to the lab in school
Setting and managing student time, deadlines to be met, presentation dates to set and time set aside for this unit of study.

1. Start
Teacher led tutorial for students. Students may choose to experience the website tutorial as needed.

2. Development of the new learning
Three class period maximum. No more than three students per group. Most of the student materials will be online with use of textbooks in class. Teacher directs first class period and remaining class periods are for students to complete and present their work.

3. Enrichment or remediation

4. Assessment or evaluation-Summative
(Rubric Attached)

5. Planned ending (closure)
Student presentations of some examples in class

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  • Bruce Damasio
  • Towson University
Grade Level
  • High School: 9, 10, 11, 12

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