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Battling Disinformation with Realistic Solutions in a Modern Society

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About the Event

The public discussion surrounding disinformation and content moderation has reached a boiling point in our society — so turbulent, that pundits, officials and citizens alike agree that a solution must be reached. However, by and large, this has produced endless discussion of what speech is good enough to be protected and bad enough to be censored. This virtual event explores solutions that allow our society to reach a so-called ‘clearing in the woods.’
This event is part of a larger project, intended to utilize tenets of tech and cyber policy debates to discover and promote realistic analysis leading to quantifiable progress. Among other issues, this project has addressed the absence of attention to counterintelligence, ways the government and the private sector can effectively protect the U.S. economy from cyber interference, and strategies for dealing with threats from developments in quantum computing.
Relevant articles mentioned in this Special Briefing:
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Robert J. Samuelson, Dealing with the Internet’s split personality
Jacob McHangama and Jonas Parello-Plesner: Taiwan’s Disinformation Solution
Thomas Kent: Activists Against Digital Lies


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Kenneth D.M. Jensen

Kenneth D.M. Jensen - Kenneth D. M. Jensen is a senior research associate at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia.

Walter Olson - Walter Olson is a Senior fellow at the Cato Institute’s Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies.