• April 14, 2011
Andrew Garfield

Senior Fellow, FPRI

Founder, Glevum Associates

Christopher Swift

Fellow, Center for National Security Law, University of Virginia School of Law

Curtis Cobb

Glevum Associates

In April 2011, FPRI posted the most extensive survey done to date of Yemen’s population. Conducted by Glevum Associates, a firm run by FPRI Senior Fellow Andrew Garfield, the survey indicated a disquieting level of support for Al Qaeda among Yemen’s populous as well as a profound resistance to US intervention in the country.

In response to the enormous interest in the survey, and rising tensions in the country, FPRI brought together a group of experts to discuss the survey as well as recent developments, including the reported shift in US policy toward a public role in easing Yemen’s President out of office despite his cooperation in fighting Al Qaeda.

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