Andrew Garfield

Senior Fellow, FPRI -
Founder, Glevum Associates -

Christopher Swift

Fellow, Center for National Security Law, University of Virginia School of Law -

Curtis Cobb

Glevum Associates -

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Yemen (Audio)

In April 2011, FPRI posted the most extensive survey done to date of Yemen’s population. Conducted by Glevum Associates, a firm run by FPRI Senior Fellow Andrew Garfield, the survey indicated a disquieting level of support for Al Qaeda among Yemen’s populous as well as a profound resistance to US intervention in the country.

In response to the enormous interest in the survey, and rising tensions in the country, FPRI brought together a group of experts to discuss the survey as well as recent developments, including the reported shift in US policy toward a public role in easing Yemen’s President out of office despite his cooperation in fighting Al Qaeda.