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Exploring China’s Autonomous Regions

Thinking about Iran

As tensions between the US and Iran ratchet up, and the 2015 nuclear deal increasingly looks like a dead letter, the prospect of war – whether by intention or by accident – is a growing concern. Is there a...

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From Counterterrorism to Conventional Threats: The Future of War

For the inaugural session of our new Main Line Briefings, hosted and cosponsored by The Haverford School, we are pleased to feature an in-depth conversation between Drs. Marisa Porges (Head of The Baldwin School) and John Nagl (Headmaster of...

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Baltic Independence at 100

  In this lecture, Stephen Kotkin will explore the geopolitical forces that buffeted the Baltic states during the 20th century and the strategies that these countries have used to preserve their independence. In the aftermath of World War I,...

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Oceans Ventured: Winning the Cold War

Drawing on recently declassified documents, John Lehman tells the untold story of the Cold War at sea — and why it matters today. John’s story is also an FPRI story as he got his start here when he was...

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Is Israel Losing Its Soul?

On July 19, Israel’s parliament passed a controversial nation-state law. Designed by its proponents to promote Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, it is seen by its critics there and abroad as fundamentally anti-democratic. In this conversation with Barak...

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Authoritarianism in Europe in the 20th Century – and the 21st

Ending the Great War

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. Why did Germany lose the war? What role did the US play in winning the war? How did the war’s ending lead to an even...

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Syria between Russia and the US: Is There a Path to Peace?

The war in Syria is reaching a decisive point. As the campaign against ISIL winds down, the battle for influence over the final settlement in Syria is heating up. This larger war—geopolitically more consequential than the campaign against ISIL—is...

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America’s Machiavellian Moment: Origins of the Atlantic Republican Tradition [Or, Where Did the Founders Get Their Ideas?]

  In this lecture, FPRI’s Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Walter McDougall delves deeply into the origins of the American political tradition by exploring the legacies of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, and the transmission of these ideas across time and space....

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