E-Notes are policy-oriented articles covering current developments around the globe that impinge upon American foreign policy and national security priorities. 


Connecting Flights?: International Tourism and Foreign Relations

The Horowitz Report: It Wasn’t a “Witch Hunt” But It Wasn’t Pretty

In what was probably the most anticipated report on intelligence activities since 9/11, Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General for the ...

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Merkel’s Foreign Policy Muddle

Whether “Queen of Europe” or “Leader of the Free World,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel has acquired many accolades in nearly ...

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Obama and Trump: Foreign Policy Opposites or Twins?

Traitors in ancient Rome were punished with damnatio memoriae or “condemnation of memory,” where they were literally scrubbed from history, ...

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Terrorism & Counterterrorism in 2019: The Year in Review

2019 was a year of highs and lows for counterterrorism forces around the world. In the first several months of ...

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United Russia is Dead

On November 23 in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the 19th annual Congress of the United Russia Party, ...

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The Extradition Case of Dmytro Firtash, A Ukrainian Oligarch with Global Connections

The Kremlin’s influence over political and business networks is everywhere these days, or so it would seem. Russian-style disinformation, corruption, and military doctrines are regularly discussed in the U.S. press. These stories often appear incredible. Yet, individuals like Dmytro...

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Grassroots to the Rescue: Advancing Egyptian-Israeli Peace

This past March marked the 40th anniversary of the ratification of the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty—a peace that has remained in limbo ever since the ink dried from my uncle’s signature. ...

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The Odd Couple: Singapore’s Relations with China

In November 2016, China seized nine armored vehicles that Singapore had shipped through Hong Kong on their return from a training exercise on Taiwan. A day after the seizure, China’s foreign ministry announced that “the Chinese government has always...

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