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Aaron Schwartzbaum

Aaron Schwartzbaum is a Fellow  in the FPRI Eurasia Program, and is founder of the FPRI’s BMB Russia. He now works with the BMB team as an advisor and columnist. Aaron received an MA in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), with concentrations in International Political Economy and International Economics. Prior to starting at SAIS, he worked at Eurasia Group as a researcher for the Eurasia and Global Macro practices. Aaron holds a BA in International Relations and Russian from Haverford College, and has completed the Overseas Language Flagship program in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


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Popular/Populist: Is Putin Popular?

Yana Govokhovskaia joins for the first part of a two part series where we tackle a key question: is Putin popular? And what does popularity even mean in the Russian political context? ...

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We Can Defense If We Want To

Michael Kofman joins in a foray into all things Russian military....

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Comrade COVID

Eurasia Director Chris Miller and BMB Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Petrella talk COVID-19 in Moscow and the regions, the outlook for Russia’s economy, and the Kremlin’s strategy in its constitutional reform campaign....

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Macro Polo

 Ivan Tkachev joins to help us explore a big question: how has Russia’s economy actually been doing the past few years? Be sure to subscribe to BMB Russia & Ukraine for the latest in economy, politics, business and political risk...

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Brent Out of Shape

Rauf Mammadov joins Aaron to chat about global oil markets, Russia’s goals in the Middle East, and some Siberian geology. Be sure to subscribe to BMB Russia & Ukraine for the latest in economy, politics, business and political risk...

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3.6 Roentgen

Chris Miller joins to talk about COVID-19 and what it means for Russia. Also: oil markets, the military industrial complex, and big data. Subscribe to the BMB Russia & Ukraine newsletters here...

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I See Debt People

In the inaugural episode of the Bear Market Brief (BMB) podcast host Aaron Schwartzbaum talks to Maximilian Hess about the Russia-Ukraine credit spat, bonds in geopolitics, and Abkhaz bitcoin(!). Subscribe to the BMB Russia & Ukraine newsletters here...

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