Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts Center for the Study of Intelligence and Nontraditional Warfare

Center for the Study of Intelligence and Nontraditional Warfare

Mission: To facilitate the study of intelligence activities and nontraditional warfare to help educate and explore how they best support national security.

Vision: The Center’s scholarly research of intelligence, and irregular warfare and political warfare combined as nontraditional warfare, aims to facilitate understanding by the general public, as well as government and academic specialists, on how these specialties provide for the nation’s security, caveats in their application, and lessons learned from past actions to inform future policy decisions. It will do this via two methods:

  • Educate to help others navigate:  The Center will conduct scholarly research of the past to help educate the general public on intelligence and nontraditional warfare, and why they are important to U.S. national security. It will also assist practitioners with lessons learned from history to guide them in their current duties.
  • Trailblaze new paths:  The Center will investigate current challenges in the fields of intelligence and nontraditional warfare and recommend possible solutions to these challenges, with an emphasis towards the unorthodox or the revolutionary. It will also explore the horizon for both oncoming challenges and threats to America’s ability to conduct these operations.

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