Baltic Sea

Lithuanian Security Culture: Contrasts and Contradictions

Although NATO and even Scandinavian partners have stepped up efforts to provide security to Eastern Europe over the past two years there is a continued emphasis on the need for NATO, and specifically the U.S., to do more in...

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Lost in Conflation: The Estonian City of Narva and Its Russian-Speakers

Media accounts suggest that the Baltic Sea region is reaching a boiling point. Russian military actions and irredentist aggression in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea have dramatically altered our understanding of the region. Journalists, security experts, and scholars alike are...

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Putin’s Conundrum: The Baltic Region, Unconventional Threats and a Rising Russia

The provocative Russian actions in the Baltic Sea against the USS Donald Cook last week suggest that Moscow is implementing ...

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A Baltic Anchor For Weathering Storms

Baltic Security And The Nord Stream Two Pipeline

Lithuania Moves to Tackle Challenges Posed by Emigration

Over 15% of Lithuania’s population has left the country since it joined the European Union in 2004. Persistent high rates ...

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Lithuania Moves to Bolster Electricity Security

Discussions of security in the Baltic states often focus on the countries’ need to control their border with Russia. These ...

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Latvia’s New-Old Government