Michael Walsh

Senior Fellow - Africa Program

Michael Walsh is a Senior Fellow in the Africa Program at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. He is a senior subject matter expert who regularly advises companies, governments, nonprofits, and think tanks on democracy, development, humanitarian, and security affairs. Mr. Walsh is a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of California Berkeley. He is an Adjunct Fellow at the Center for African Studies at Howard University. He is a Visiting Researcher in the African Studies Program at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service. He is a Guest Lecturer on African affairs at the Foreign Service Institute. Mr. Walsh was the Course Director for the Humanitarian Security Risk Management Course for United Nations Development Program staff. He served on the Security Advisory Group for the Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Response at Team Rubicon. Mr. Walsh is a regular commentator on Africa and Near Eastern affairs. Recent radio, television, and print outlets include British Broadcasting Corporation, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, European Consortium for Political Research, and Voice of America.