FPRI’s Chain Reaction is a bi-weekly podcast series examining America’s role in the world. Throughout the year we’ll be talking to experts about developments in Eurasia, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific in the context of U.S. foreign policy and national security interests. To be the first to know about new episodes, please subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on Twitter @FPRI. 

Please note: Chain Reaction was known as the Middle East Brief prior to 2021. 

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Aaron Stein is the Director of Research at the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI). He is also the Director of the Middle East Program and Acting Director of the National Security Program.

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Defining the China Challenge: The Future of the U.S. Navy

On this episode of Chain Reaction, Aaron speaks with Chris Dougherty, senior fellow for defense at CNAS and the co-lead of the CNAS gaming lab, about a recent article he wrote for War on the Rocks, Gradually and then Suddenly: Explaining the...

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Mishustin Impossible

In this special series hosted by FPRI Fellow and BMB Russia founder, Aaron Schwartzbaum, we’ll explore politics, economics, and their intersection in Russia, Ukraine, and the post-Soviet space and beyond.  This week Aaron speaks with Fabian Burkhardt, a research...

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Biden’s Visit to NATO

  President Biden just finished a three-country trip, where he met with world leaders in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and in Switzerland. The main focus of the trip was to reinvigorate U.S. alliances in Europe and with NATO. To discuss the...

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Wither Democracy?

This week we’d like to introduce a special series recorded in collaboration with FPRI’s BMB Russia, a news brief that brings together the latest on Russia’s economy, politics, business, and political risk environment.  FPRI’s BMB Russia brings you news...

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Finding Mobile Targets: Reviewing the War in Gaza

On this episode, Aaron speaks with Mike Benitez, a U.S. military officer and creator of the Merge newsletter, about the challenges of finding mobile rocket launchers in an urban environment. The views expressed in this episode do not necessarily...

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The Rise of Digital Repression

   This week, Aaron spoke with Steven Feldstein, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, about his new book, The Rise of Digital Repression: How Technology is Reshaping Power, Politics, and Resistance (Oxford University Press,...

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Russian-Turkish Relations and Their Implications for the West

  The relationship between the Russian Federation and Republic of Turkey is one of the most important bilateral relationships in Eurasia today. This week Aaron chats with Robert Hamilton and Anna Mikulska, authors of FPRI’s latest report “Russian-Turkish Relations...

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Learning From Our Adversaries: Russian Aerial Operations in Syria

In this episode, Aaron speaks with Mule about the lessons that the United States should learn from the Russian Aerospace Forces’ operations in Syria. Mule is preparing to deploy to Jordan to command an operational support squadron. The views...

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Great Power Competition Explained

  On this week’s episode, Dr. Thomas Lynch joins the show to discuss his latest book, Strategic Assessment 2020: Into a New Era of Great Power Competition, which includes a series of essays about Great Power Competition and U.S. national security...

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Transactionalism with Turkey

In this episode of Chain Reaction, Aaron speaks with Nicholas Danforth, a Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy, about the current state of U.S.-Turkish relations during the Biden administration. To be the...

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