Taiwan in International Economic Relations

AbstractAs President Tsai Ing-wen assumes power, she faces a citizenry hoping that she can revitalize Taiwan’s economy, including: promoting high ...

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Lessons from Taiwan’s Economic Development

Abstract Taiwan changed from a traditional agriculture society into an industrialized modern country within roughly one century. This fast development ...

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2016 Taiwan Elections: Significance and Implications

Abstract This year’s Taiwan elections gave the Democratic Progressive Party a clear mandate to rule Taiwan again. Since 2014 Taiwanese ...

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Kuomintang Agonistes: Party Politics in the Wake of Taiwan’s 2016 Elections

Abstract Taiwan’s Kuomintang (KMT) lost badly in the 2016 elections. The KMT had not garnered favorable public opinion under the ...

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Tsai Ing-wen’s Presidential Platform

. Tsai must be pragmatic and diplomatic in order to get the results she hopes to achieve. Taking office in a tense political atmosphere, the new president must maintain the status quo with China if she hopes to initiate...

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China and Russia: The Partnership Deepens

Taiwan’s Elections in the Home Stretch

With barely a month to go before voting day, Taiwan’s elections are in the final stretch. The past few months ...

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China’s Asymmetric Intelligence Advantage: The State Security Law

The U.S. Asia Rebalancing and the Taiwan Strait Rapprochement

Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Closing the Deal