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Ruble Trouble: The Politics of Russia’s Financial Crisis

Chris Miller · ·

The Russian ruble’s wild ride—starting the week at 58 to the dollar, spiking to nearly 80 on Tuesday, and settling back near 60 by Thursday—has left many questioning Russia’s political and economic stability.

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Butcher History Institute

Ethical Dilemmas in American Warfare


We are pleased to offer our 11th weekend-long conference for teachers on American military history. In this program, we offer diverse scholarly perspectives on ethical dilemmas and the reasoning behind them in American military history.

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Understanding the New Global Disorder: Three Tectonics

Michael Hayden · ·

The Keynote Address by Gen. Michael V. Hayden Recipient of FPRI’s 10th Annual Benjamin Franklin Award for Public Service FPRI Annual Dinner, November 19, 2014  

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A Note from Alan Luxenberg, President, FPRI

· ·

"If you're not busy being born, then you're busy dying." -- Bob Dylan Dear Friends, As suggested by the epigraph from Bob Dylan, we need constantly and forever to re-examine ourselves, reinvigorate ourselves, and even re-invent ourselves in order to survive and thrive.  This is what we have set out to do at FPRI by –   

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