Great Power Competition and the Scramble for Africa

From November 1884 to February 1885, German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck convened 13 European powers and the United States to coordinate “commercial activity” in Africa and emerged with the General Act. Never explicitly stating colonialism, but connotating colonial principles,...

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Russia’s Arctic Development Poses Risks for Combating Climate Change in the Baltics

While this year's snowless winter may have changed things, Lithuanians haven't seemed particularly concerned with climate change in their country. According to Standard Eurobarometer 90, only 3% of Lithuanians in November 2018 believed climate change and energy issues to...

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The Current Status of Transportation Infrastructure in the Baltics

A quality transportation system is necessary for both economic and national security. The US Interstate Highway System — a critical component of the nation’s economic vitality — was originally envisioned by President Dwight D. Eisenhower primarily for defense related...

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Military Exercise Defender Europe-20 was Rolled Back: What Does It Mean for the Baltic States?

The US, with NATO, routinely conducts military exercises all over Europe, especially since the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 — exercises Russia inevitably condemns as destabilizing. The Defender Europe-20 exercise had just begun garnering increased attention in Western...

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Defeating Disinformation Threats

Russia, to a smaller or larger extent, has deliberately challenged the Baltic states on both domestic and international levels since the breakup of the Soviet Union. After Russia began an unannounced war against Ukraine and occupied and annexed Crimea...

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Russia’s Political Influence in Bulgaria

Speaking on July 11, 2019, at an international conference in Batumi, Georgia, European Council President Donald Tusk declared, “The collapse of the Soviet Union was a blessing . . . to the whole of Central and Eastern Europe.” Bulgaria,...

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Why Geopolitics Matters

Donald Trump, History, and the Foreign Policy Research Institute

An Ode to Alan Luxenberg

Looking Back to Lean Forward: The Study of History to Inform the Present and Shape the Future