FPRI periodically publishes web-based monographs and essay collections that draw on FPRI’s research and conference programs.

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Where did the Founders Get their Ideas? America’s Machiavellian Moment and the Origins of the Atlantic Republican Tradition

What does it mean to speak of American Exceptionalism? If it just means unique, then the claim is unexceptional because no two countries are alike. If it means Americans believe their great country is special, then again that’s nothing...

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Islamists and Autocrats: What the Next Administration Needs to Know about Egypt

Usually we think of Egypt's political future as a contest between secular autocrats, on the one hand, and Islamists, on the other. In doing so, we misapprehend both the autocrats and the Islamists, and Dr. Rock-Singer explains how—and...

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Foresight into 21st Century Conflict: End of the Greatest Illusion?

The number of conflicts is again on the rise as both states and violent actors contend for influence and seek to establish their position. Contrary to optimistic depictions of the present international system, there are powers seeking to alter...

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Great War at Sea: Remembering the Battle of Jutland

This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the largest sea fight of the First World War, a clash between the main fleets of Germany and Great Britain that took place on the afternoon and evening of 31 May 1916...

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The Best of FPRI’s Essays on Asia, 2005-2015

In the sixty years since the founding of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, no region of the world has undergone greater transformation or posed more varied and complex challenges for the foreign policy of the United States than has...

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The Best of FPRI’s Essays on National Security, 2005-2015

Matters of national security have concerned the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) ever since its founding in 1955. They are especially concerning during times of war—as the United States has been every day since September 11, 2001. But today’s...

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Parliament without Politics: The Effort to Consolidate Authoritarian Rule

Introduction General Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, Egypt’s ruler since July 2013, brooks no dissent. Having “saved” Egypt from the Muslim Brothers, he ...

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The Best of FPRI’s Essays on America and the West, 1993-2015

From its founding in 1955, the Foreign Policy Research Institute has always been deeply interested in the relationship between the United States of America and Europe, the two main constituent parts of the cultural, political, and historical community of...

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A Quick Guide to the Foreign Policy Views of the Republican Presidential Candidates

At a Glance As of this writing, sixteen candidates are formally running for the nomination of the Republican Party for ...

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