Special Reports provide in-depth analysis on a particular topic or issue and provide policy recommendations.


The Constitutional History of U.S. Foreign Policy: 222 Years of Tension in the Twilight Zone

In the Beginning: The Indispensable Man               Four months and two days after his ...

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Foreign Fighters, Sovereignty, and Counter-Terrorism: Selected Essays

Introduction FPRI’s Program on National Security held a conference on the foreign fighter problem, July 14-15, 2009, at the National ...

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The Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s U.S. Cell [1988–95]: the Ideological Foundations of Its Propaganda Strategy

Introduction Arab nationalism, territorial nationalism, and Arab socialism, among other ideologies, all heralded the restoration of the Middle East in ...

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The Hu-Obama Summit and U.S.-China Relations

Introduction In November 2009, United States President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao held their first summit meeting in ...

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The Sunni Divide: Understanding Politics and Terrorism in the Arab Middle East

Introduction Following the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, a bloody conflict broke out between Iraq’s Sunnis and Shias. This ...

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Abraham Lincoln: Leadership and Democratic Statesmanship in Wartime

Introduction In his recent study of Abraham Lincoln’s wartime leadership, Tried by War, the eminent historian James McPherson writes that ...

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What are We Fighting For? Western Civilization, American Identity, and U.S. Foreign Policy

This January 2009 e-book by James Kurth, FPRI Senior Fellow and Claude Smith Professor of Political Science at Swarthmore College, ...

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Latin America’s Terrorist and Insurgent Groups: History and Status

Radical Islam in the Maghreb – 2005