National Security

Another Brick in the Wall: Northern Mexico and the Trump Presidency

“Mexico. It’s unbelievable what’s happened,” President-elect Donald Trump said at an August 10 Fort Lauderdale rally, after warning the audience of the impending departure of 1,400 Carrier Air Conditioning jobs from Indiana. “A friend of mine—he’s one of the...

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Foresight into 21st Century Conflict: End of the Greatest Illusion?

The number of conflicts is again on the rise as both states and violent actors contend for influence and seek to establish their position. Contrary to optimistic depictions of the present international system, there are powers seeking to alter...

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Does Free College Threaten Our All-Volunteer Military?

War on the RocksThroughout the current presidential campaign season, there have been repeated calls for free college.  Channeling a long-held ...

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Republican Party Foreign Policy: 2016 and Beyond

Republican voters today are divided between three broad tendencies: internationalist, nationalist, and non-interventionist. Donald Trump won the GOP presidential primaries this year partly by playing upon these divisions in an unconventional way. He assembled a new, ideologically...

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Editor’s Corner Summer 2016

In These Pages We begin our summer issue of Orbis with Colin Dueck’s fine essay on how the next U.S. ...

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Donald Trump is Woefully Unprepared to Handle ISIS

A Strategy for the ISIS Foreign Fighter Threat

Still the One? The Role of Europe in American Defense Strategy

The Upside of Down: How the U.S. Wins by Losing Wars

Force Planning: The Crossroads of Strategy and the Political Process