• Preview of FPRI Calendar for Fall 2017

    Posted on BackChannel
    The Foreign Policy Research Institute is pleased to provide this preview of our spring season of events. Be on the lookout for our full calendar, hitting mailboxes soon. For information on how to register for individual events, please contact our Events Coordinator Rachel Hemler at [email protected] or (215) 732-3774 ...

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  • (Source: Uwe Brodrecht/Flickr)

    What North Korea’s Statement against Trump Really Means

    Posted on Geopoliticus
    It would be hard to deny that rhetoric on and around the Korean peninsula is at a high mark. United States President Donald Trump’s words about “fire and fury” aimed at North Korea sounded almost like the typical rhetoric coming from North Korea. North Korea’s response, seemingly implying a ...

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  • In Defense of the West

    Posted on The American Review of Books, Blogs, and Bull
    Donald Trump recently delivered one of the better speeches of his young presidency in Warsaw, where he called on the West “to summon the courage and the will to defend our civilization.” Surprisingly, the speech was roundly criticized by some as offensive. One commentator called ...

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  • Track II Indo-Pakistani Diplomacy (1995 – 2003): The BALUSA Group

    Posted on E-Notes
    From 1995 to 2003, Ambassador Shirin Tahir-Kheli organized a small group of senior Indian, Pakistani, and U.S. experts with experience in security and diplomacy to discuss specific policy recommendations aimed at the normalization of relations between India and Pakistan. Below is a summary of that effort, along with links ...

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  • Karen Karapetyan (Source: Republic of Armenia)

    Armenia’s Regional Policy: New Cooperation with Georgia, Iran, and Turkmenistan?

    Posted on Caucasus Cable
    What is driving Armenia toward a policy of cooperating with its neighbors in the South Caucasus and across the Caspian Sea? To answer this question, one must look to the country’s September 2016 government reshuffle that resulted in the appointment of Karen Karapetyan, the former mayor of Yerevan and ...

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